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Project Description Owner Last Change
console/RCOMage.git A general purpose RCO creation... Jon Feldman 3 years ago
console/XDS.git XDS with build system cleanup Jon Feldman 20 months ago
console/ciso.git ISO compression tool (zopfli... Jon Feldman 9 months ago
console/misc_3ds.git Miscellaneous bits for the 3DS Jon Feldman 20 months ago
console/taihen-parser.git Forked from DaveeFTW/taihen... Jon Feldman 5 months ago
console/untold1undub.git According to everyone, an... Jon Feldman 4 months ago
corbenik/bdfe.git BDF Exporter - converts fonts... Jon Feldman 11 months ago
corbenik/corbenik.git CFW for the 3DS, uses bytecode... Jon Feldman 9 months ago
corbenik/ctrulib.git C library for writing user... Jon Feldman 13 months ago
mirror/Adrenaline.git Custom Firmware 6.61 Adrenalin... Jon Feldman 7 days ago
mirror/NTR.git Jon Feldman 3 months ago
mirror/NoNpDrm.git A plugin that allows you to... Jon Feldman 9 days ago
mirror/fjfix.git FJFix Jon Feldman 7 years ago
misc/4ch-to-mw.git Converts 4chan threads to... Jon Feldman 2 years ago
misc/MaihanaTL.git Translation for Maihana: Komak... Jon Feldman 2 years ago
misc/apocalypse.git Some random speedhack thing Jon Feldman 18 months ago
misc/customization.git Repo for various stylish bits. Jon Feldman 21 months ago
misc/eidos.git Me: 0, OSDev: 5 Jon Feldman 12 months ago
misc/libbinmod.git Binary inspection tools or... Jon Feldman 20 months ago
misc/patchrepo.git Patches. Need I say more? Jon Feldman 2 years ago
misc/random-utils.git Random utilities that are... Jon Feldman 22 months ago
misc/ysh.git Yeah, a shell. Does anyone... Jon Feldman 7 months ago
vn/FSNConverter-Linux.git Fate/Stay Night to VNDS conver... Jon Feldman 3 years ago
vn/vndc.git VNDC is not a Direct Clone... Jon Feldman 20 months ago